Integrations Known Issues

We hope that your time with Turnitin is without any problems, but occasionally something might happen that you were not expecting. Don't panic! We're here to help. Check out this list, and see if anything seems familiar. If your problem appears on the list, we're aware of the problem and currently looking into it.

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It has been reported that the Similarity Report is not updating witin Speedgrader after exclusions are made or after the due date passes for collusion checks. The correct score will be presented within the LTI assignment inbox and when Feedback Studio is opened, even if it is accessed within Speedgrader. Turnitin and Canvas are investigating this issue.

If a course containing Turnitin assignments is copied and a student attempts to submit to the copied course before it is in any way edited by the instructor, the name of the copied course will automatically change to 'LTI Class' in Turnitin. The name is only shown differently when viewed in Turnitin; it remains the same in Canvas.

Some instructors have reported receiving error messages when they attempt to enter their anonymous assignment after the feedback release date has passed. Once the feedback release date passes, the assignment loses its anonymity within Turnitin, however Canvas works differently in maintaining the anonymity. The difference in workflows is causing occasional error messages to appear. We are investigating a resolution to this problem.

Workaround: While these errors only occur occasionally, if you do come across this problem, we would suggest editing the Canvas assignment settings and deselecting the anonymous marking option. This will allow you to access the assignment while we work on a resolution.

If an institution has registered multiple Canvas Plagiarism Framework configurations and deletes at least one of the configurations, it is possible that existing assignment links to Turnitin could break. While we investigate this issue with Canvas, we would ask institutions to not delete their registered integration. If your institution has deleted a registration and are experiencing issues with existing assignments, please contact the Turnitin support team for assistance.

Users of the Firefox browser may find that the arrows depicting a dropdown menu will not appear in the assignment settings. The setting can still be clicked to reveal the multiple options however it is not very intuitive that these options exist without the arrows. While this issue is present when using Firefox, other browsers appear to be unaffected.

If a user changes the email address associated with their integrated account, this change will not be passed to Turnitin. Also, If the user is unlinked and then goes on to change their email address, a new Turnitin user account will be created making two separate users.

Workaround: Users can email our Support team at and they will be able to assist with updating your account to the relevant email address.

In Moodle 3.7, a new feature, in-line comments, was added. When using this feature, the Turnitin EULA is not shown to users before generating a Similarity Score for the comment. Institutions can continue to use Moodle Forums as normal. However, they should not use in-line comments unless they are confident their student's have already accepted the Turnitin EULA.

If the post date for an assignment has passed and an instructor edits it to a date in the future using the pencil icon, students that have not submitted yet will have their names become revealed after submitting.

Workaround: Students that have not submitted yet will not revert to being listed as anonymous if the instructor edits the post date via the assignment settings as opposed to clicking the pencil icon.

If an assignment title contains a comma, it will break any exports to Excel. The exported file will download however the instructor will be unable to open it.

Workaround: Once the file has downloaded, renaming the file to include the “.xls” file extension will make the file readable.

If a submission fails, the instructor is shown a “Resubmit to Turnitin” link which should change to “Queued” when clicked. Some users have reported that the text does not change. This is purely a cosmetic issue so clicking the link more than once will not lead to multiple submissions.

When using Group submissions in Moodle PP, only the student uploading the assignment will be able to view the full Similarity Report. All members of the group, however, will have a grade and similarity score awarded to them and this will be visible within the Moodle assignment inbox.

The 'My Paper' section of the 'My Grades/Marks' section of an assignment could be used to view feedback. This method is no longer supported. Feedback can still be accessed by opening it via the Turnitin assignment inbox from within the assignment.

It is possible for the Gradebook to fail to sync with Turnitin. For instructors, this results in being notified a student hasn't submitted when they have. For students, they may see in Blackboard that they have not submitted yet. We are actively investigating this with our partners at Blackboard.

Workaround: Successfully uploaded assignments can be accessed via the LTI Inbox. However, the notification may still remain in the Gradebook. The data within the inbox should be used as a point of reference when determining if a student has submitted late to an assignment.

The submission date displayed within the Grade Centre may be incorrect for anonymous assignments. Some users have reported that the feedback release date is displayed as opposed to the time that the student attempted their submission, which may mark the student's submission as 'late.'

Workaround: Although the date is currently recording incorrectly within the Grade Centre, it is correct within the submission details held within Feedback Studio.

If an instructor were to make a late submission on behalf of a student in the base assignment, the PeerMark assignment will distribute this paper for peer review even if the PeerMark assignment has disallowed late student submissions in the settings. We are currently investigating this issue.

When a student hovers over the (i) icon to view information on their PeerMark assignment, they will be shown all relevant information as well as information from their base assignment. This could include details on resubmissions, late submissions, and similarity score settings which would not apply to their peer reviews.

It is possible to open multiple inboxes from the same course in multiple tabs to help multi-task. However, if you try to edit the assignment title in one tab it can unintentionally alter the title of an assignment found in one of your other open tabs.

Work to fix this issue is ongoing.

Some users have reported that the current character limit for assignment titles can be a little restrictive. We are looking to extend the length of these fields.

We have discovered that when accessing the ‘Needs Grading’ section of the Grade Center, the ‘date submitted’ column does not update with resubmissions and remains on the date of the initial submission. We are working to resolve this issue.

We have found that students who have already submitted to their assignment will still appear in a list for instructors to submit on behalf of. If the instructor attempts to resubmit for one of these students, they will receive error messages. We are working on a fix that will ensure that students who have already submitted will not be shown within the list for instructors to choose from.

We are aware of a scope of issues with the Blackboard LTI 1.1 integration. We have worked to resolve these issues within the new LTI 1.3 integration with Blackboard. To benefit from these resolutions, we recommend migrating from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3.

Users of the Firefox browser may find that the arrows depicting a dropdown menu will not appear in the assignment settings. The setting can still be clicked to reveal the multiple options however it is not very intuitive that these options exist without the arrows. While this issue is present when using Firefox, other browsers appear to be unaffected.

If a user changes the email address associated with their integrated account, this change will not be passed to Turnitin. Also, If the user is unlinked and then goes on to change their email address, a new Turnitin user account will be created making two separate users.

Workaround: Users can email our Support team at and they will be able to assist with updating your account to the relevant email address.

Student preview mode is now available within Blackboard LTI 1.3 when using version v3800.6.0 or above.

Turnitin currently accepts files up to the size of 100 MB. The tooltip description shown within the assignment creation page now accurately states the maximum file size as opposed to the older 40 MB.

Previously, when accessing the attempt page, a grade was applied with each load of the page despite the original grade not changing. This was causing multiple entries of the same grade to appear within the grade history. We have resolved this issue.

Previously, there was an issue where the enabled translated matching setting was not passing from Blackboard to Turnitin and was as a result not appearing within the Similarity Reports. This has been resolved and instructors can successfully enable this setting without issues.

A plugin update is required to fix this issue within your LMS. You can download the latest plugin here.

Fixed date - August 7th 2020

Rubrics can be shared to instructors throughout an institution's account, however, we became aware of an issue where rubrics that had been shared were not visible when accessing the rubric manager during the assignment set up. We have resolved the issue so that shared rubrics will now appear within the rubric manager during assignment set up.

Fixed date - July 8th 2020

It was reported that when a student uploaded multiple files to their assignment, they were given individual similarity scores for each file. If an instructor attempted to launch any of these files in SpeedGrader, only one of the Turnitin similarity reports will be displayed regardless of which one had been selected. Canvas have now released a fix so that instructors are able to view each submission.

Fixed date - April 23rd 2020

We have fixed an issue where some submissions within SpeedGrader were not updating after the due date passed, meaning that a different similarity score could appear when opening Feedback Studio. Now, when the due date passes and a final score is generated, this is also displayed within SpeedGrader.

Fixed date - March 31st 2020

If a course included students whose account had been disabled but they remain actively enrolled, a 430 error would appear if the instructor were to initiate a roster sync to add new students to a Turnitin assignment within the course. We have implemented a fix for this issue that allows roster sync to ignore the disabled students.

Fixed date - March 5th 2020

Some users have encountered issues while attempting to submit their paper using the Safari browser. After clicking ‘Submit’, the process will hang at the loading screen and will not complete the submission. You will know if your paper has been successfully submitted as the page will display a green success banner and show a copy of your digital receipt.

Fixed date - February 26th 2020

Some users had experienced varying problems with our rubric manger such as not being able to select a rubric, create a new one, and formatting issues. The bug that caused this issue has been fixed and users should be able to use rubrics again as a part of their assignment.

Fixed date - February 13th 2020

With the release of Chrome 80 fast approaching, we have ensured that users will be able to use our products in Chrome without further disruption. We have made the required changes to our cookies for all of our LMS integrations and Single Sign-On integration Shibboleth to ensure that users will no longer encounter warnings about 3rd party cookies if they are enabled.

The root cause of this isssue was identified and fixed.

We’ve resolved an issue that was affecting the paper title and links in anonymous marking assignments. The paper title is now displayed in the student’s My Grades view in Blackboard and links to the report are now active.

Fixed date - Nov 8th 2019

There was an issue where assignments would not maintain anonymity in Turnitin when using the Canvas Plagiarism Framework. As a workaround, instructors needed to access and save the assignment settings for each duplicated assignment, prior to any students submitting. We have now released a fix that will maintain the anonymity status of the assignment when duplicated.

Fixed date - Sept 18th 2019

Previously, if an instructor were to use the quick edit option within Canvas to update an assignment, it would remove the CPF integration from the assignment. This has now been resolved so the quick edit option can be used without consequence.

When using an assignment with deeplinking it was required for the instructor to first open the assignment before a student would be able to access it. Now, no extra action is required on behalf of the instructor before the assignment will become active.

Fixed date - 2019 May 28th

Text only submissions, or “copy and paste”, had a character limit of 10,000 which in turn was causing some uploads of this kind to fail. Added up, 10,000 characters works out to be around 1500 words. This is far lower than a lot of our other upload methods and not how we intend this functionality to work!

This limit has now been increased to ensure that the limits of these text only uploads correlate with the other upload methods available.

Fixed date - April 4th 2019

While it was possible to resubmit to Turnitin when using SpeedGrader for single submissions, it was not possible to use it for group submissions due to the underlying logic of how we process those submissions. However, we have reworked how group submissions are handled once they reach Turnitin and applied a change that now makes it possible to resubmit to a group submission.

Fixed date - March 21st 2019

On the assignment due date, submissions are rerun through Turnitin to check for collusion or updated matches. If there is a change in score, this is currently only reflected within Turnitin and not passed to Canvas.

We have found a way to address this from the Turnitin side that allows us to pass Canvas an updated score on the assignment due date. This change requires some additional work to ensure that Canvas is receiving and picking up the new scores to display for each submission.

Fixed date - March 12th 2019

Late last year, some updates were made to the Canvas plagiarism framework integration to allow for assignments to be copied regardless of what dates were passed to Turnitin, as well as allow support for anonymous grading in Canvas.

If Turnitin received an assignment start date too far in the past or too far in the future, we would ignore this date and create default dates in the future to allow for the assignment to still be created in Turnitin.

Although we have fixed these particular issues, we no longer apply the due date correctly within Turnitin, and all dates now default to a point in the future. Unfortunately, this affects when collusion checking occurs. We are currently investigating a fix to allow the due date to update correctly if the user in Canvas provides a suitable date, and we plan to release a fix alongside the fix for updating the Similarity Score in Canvas.

Fixed date - March 12th 2019