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Due to Moodle ending security support for versions 3.9, 3.11, and 4.0 on December 11, 2023, Turnitin will end support of our plugins for those versions of Moodle as well. If you are using Moodle 4.0 or earlier, please be sure to update your Moodle version.

A Moodle environment will only support one integration and account/sub-account. If you need to configure multiple Turnitin sub-accounts, you will have to create a Moodle environment for each one.

LTI does not require you to download or install anything to work! You must first configure LTI on or, and then you configure it within your LMS of choice

First step: Configure LTI on or

Second step: Configure Turnitin in your LMS of choice

Third step: You're all set! Different integrations might have a few extra steps to get things running smoothly; check out our full guides to learn more.