Moodle Plagiarism Plug-in Release Notes

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Download the latest version of the plug-in version 2019050201

2019 May 2nd

For more information about 2019050201

Moodle Plagiarism Plugin no longer dependant on Moodle V2

Previously, the Plagiarism Plugin was bundled along with Moodle Direct V2. Now, the Plagiarism Plugin is installed and configured separately.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of the Plagiarism Plugin, your existing configuration will be migrated over from Moodle V2.

For more details on how to configure your instance of Moodle Plagiarism Plugin, please see the guidance.

Forum messaging error resolved

When creating a forum post within Turnitin, we were showing information about report regeneration times when resubmitting. As information about resubmissions is not relevant to forum users, we’ve removed the notification from this view.

Improvements to plugin stability and modals

We’ve improved the stability of the plugin and made changes to our modals (dialog boxes) within Moodle. Modals will now be clearer and adapt to the browser theme that you’re using to improve the usability of the plugin.

2019 March 13th


Welcome to our new help site!

We’ve updated the help links within the product to take you to our new help site The site has been designed around actionable tasks to help you to find the guidance you need; when you need it.

Error code 13 will now only display when appropriate

In a previous release, we introduced ‘Error Code 13’. This error is shown when we’ve managed to upload our servers but weren’t able to generate a similarity report at the time of submission. Since then, we’ve reconsidered how this error state should be handled. With this release, we will reset all instances of Error code 13. Going forward, we will only accept an upload if the plugin is able to connect to Turnitin and generate a similarity report.

Use Marking Workflows without error

In a rare number of cases, it was possible when using Marking Workflows for students to receive an error message when they attempt to view their submissions after grades have been released. We’ve reworked how the grade release happens when using Marking Workflows so that students will no longer see this error.

Forum users can use Turnitin without seeing extraneous notifications

Forum users can use Turnitin without seeing extraneous notifications

When creating a forum post with Turnitin available we were showing information about our report regeneration times when resubmitting to Turnitin. As information about resubmissions is not relevant to forum users, we’ve removed the notification from this view.

Students can’t access the online grading view prematurely

When using our online grading functionality, it was possible for students to launch the viewer despite there being no grading having been completed. To help reduce confusion, this link will now be disabled for students until after the post-date has passed.

2019 January 15th


Change the visibility of QuickMark sets

Turnitin comes packed with many QuickMark sets that help to make your life easier. However, we know that not every set will be relevant to every Instructor. You can now change the visibility of QuickMark sets with just a few clicks! Check out our guide to learn how.

This change does not require a plugin update.

2018 October 29th


 We've fixed a bug that prevented users from being able to accept the EULA

On Friday 26th October, we released a plugin update that unexpectedly prevented new users from being able to accept the EULA in the Plagiarism Plugin, and were subsequently unable to submit to Turnitin. If you've updated your plugin since Friday, we're kindly requesting that you update again to resolve this bug.

2018 August 28th


 All files submitted to a multi-file assignment are now sent to Turnitin

We received a report from one of our users who noticed an emerging issue for assignments allowing multiple-file submissions: only one of the submitted files was sent to Turnitin, therefore only generating one Similarity Report. We've resolved this!

This issue stemmed from the release of plugin version 2018062601.

 Rubric and grading forms now successfully attach to Turnitin assignments

We apologize for any difficulty you may have encountered when trying to attach rubrics and grading forms to your assignments through the Moodle Plagiarism Plugin. We're very pleased to announce that normal service has resumed, and all rubric and grading form selections made during and after assignment creation will stick like glue!

This issue stemmed from the release of plugin version 2018011602.

 We'll no longer attempt to process the Similarity Reports of deleted submissions

Having mistakenly attempted to retrieve the Similarity Reports of deleted submissions, as a direct result, our system recently encountered difficulties with processing new submissions. "It's time to let go of the past!" we told the system, which reluctantly agreed. We'll now no longer try to pull Similarity Reports for deleted submissions... hoorah!

This issue stemmed from the release of plugin version 2018011602.

2018 June 26th


 Resubmissions now overwrite the previous submission

When a student made a resubmission to Turnitin, their previous submission wasn't removed from the assignment inbox; this led to confusion for instructors, who weren't too sure which submission was the most up-to-date version. We've made sure that resubmissions now overwrite the existing submission.

Known issue: While we've been able to fix this issue for students, if an instructor resubmits on behalf of a student, multiple submissions may still appear in Turnitin. We're working on a fix for this and will update you as soon as we find one!

 The Plagiarism Plugin now works on Moodle 3.1 and earlier versions

Users running Moodle version 3.1 or earlier encountered an unexpected error when submitting a file. The error message, referring to an invalid parameter, was the result of a change made in our previous release. We apologize for the trouble this may have caused and can confirm that Moodle version 3.1 and earlier now function correctly.

2018 May 24th


 We now support Moodle 3.5

You can find out more about Moodle 3.5 via Moodle's release notes.

 Turnitin's Moodle V2 plugin is GDPR compliant!

To support upcoming changes to European data protection law, we’ve focused our efforts on refreshing our processes around how we use your data. Learn more about the update via our Moodle Plugins and GDPR page.

  • Repository settings are more transparent
  • We're reporting on the data we store about our users
  • Students can request to download their data
  • Students can request to remove their data

If you're a Moodle administrator, and using version 3.3.5+, 3.4.2+, or 3.5, follow the steps on the Moodle Plugins and GDPR page to view the data we store in Moodle.

 You can now send all papers to your institutional repository by default!

We're aligning Turnitin repository options with our Moodle V2 plugin. If an institutional repository is enabled on their Turnitin account, administrators can now opt to Submit all papers to the institutional repository. This submission storage option sends all student submissions to the institutional repository without instructor intervention. For this repository option to work successfully, it must firstly be enabled in Turnitin, before it can be configured in Moodle.

If you're a Moodle administrator, follow the steps below to enable this repository setting in Turnitin:

  1. Log into or
  2. Under Edit, select the cog icon.
  3. Select Edit account settings.
  4. Scroll to Paper repository options and select enable instructor expanded repository options.

Now, it's time to move to Moodle!
  1. From the Moodle left-hand side panel, select Site administration.
  2. Select Plugins.
  3. Select Activity Modules.
  4. Then Manage Activities.
  5. Scroll to Turnitin Assignment 2 and select Settings.
  6. Scroll to Paper Repository Assignments and select Submit all papers to the institutional repository:

 We've removed a technical notice from the assignment settings page

In Moodle's debug mode, a peculiar notice appeared within the assignment settings: 'Array to string conversion in /usr/share/nginx/html/lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm/select.php on line 501'. We've made some adjustments to ensure that this doesn't appear in future.

 You can now exit lightboxes using the 'Close' button

We received a report that the Close button in the Plagiarism Plugin's lightboxes wasn't performing correctly, in that it wasn't actually closing anything! Instead, users saw the following error: 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'close' of undefined at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick'. Thanks for the heads up, @Haietza! We've fixed this issue.

Lightboxes display content by filling the screen and dimming out the rest of the web page. They can be closed to find the website contents still available. Items such as the QuickMark manager and the rubric manager are contained inside a lightbox.

 Instructors can now successfully submit on behalf of a student

An instructor encountered an issue when attempting to resubmit on behalf of a student within a group submission. This was down to us incorrectly checking the permissions of the student, rather than the submitter. These permissions told us that the student wasn't permitted to resubmit to the assignment, but if we'd checked the instructor permissions, we'd have found that their permissions allowed this. Phew. A big thanks to @micaherne for his patch to fix this! It did the job nicely.

2018 January 16th


 Instant Similarity Reports for up to three resubmissions

Feedback Studio allows students to view their Similarity Report results immediately! Students can now view their initial Similarity Report, then revise and resubmit their work up to three times, without having to wait 24 hours for an updated report. After three resubmissions have been made, the 24-hour report generation wait time will be restored. Instantaneous similarity results give students the formative support they need to master paraphrasing and citation conventions efficiently.

To enable resubmissions for students, you must correctly configure the assignment settings of a new or existing Moodle Direct V2 assignment.

  1. Scroll to Originality Report Options.
  2. Under Originality Report Generation and Submissions, select Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date): After 3 resubmissions, reports generate after 24 hours. Read more.

 Genre-specific rubrics in Feedback Studio

Revision Assistant's genre-specific rubrics are now available in Feedback Studio, designed with 6th - 12th graders in mind! K-12 instructors can assign new rubrics to their assignments to help their students master the art of argumentative, narrative, informative, and analytical writing. If you're actively using Revision Assistant and Feedback Studio together, you can now promote consistency in the classroom by adopting the same rubrics.

To use a new rubric for grading, you can attach it from within the assignment settings of a new or existing assignment.

  1. Scroll to GradeMark options.
  2. Under Attach a rubric to this assignment, select a new genre-specific rubric from the drop-down list. Read more.

Alternatively, launch the rubric and grading form manager from the Moodle Direct V2 submission inbox, or alternatively, from within Feedback Studio.

 K-12 QuickMark sets in Feedback Studio

QuickMarks are Turnitin's most popular feedback tool among Feedback Studio instructors! But in finding that many of our default QuickMark sets failed to address the needs of our K-12 instructors and students, we've added two new sets to the Feedback Studio collection. Our new drag-and-drop (and customizable!) comments will help instructors help their students to engage in revision, save time, and more importantly, achieve learning outcomes. Read more.

To view and edit your new QuickMarks, launch the QuickMark manager from the Moodle Direct V2 submission inbox, or alternatively, from within Feedback Studio.

 Students can submit their group work without access error issues

Students have frustratingly been receiving unauthorized access errors when submitting group work, which caused some confusion. After uploading their submission and navigating to the View all submissions page, the student would witness the error. We've made a solid fix to stop this from happening! A big thanks to @micaherne for this pull request.

To view and edit your new QuickMarks, launch the QuickMark manager from the Moodle Direct V2 submission inbox, or alternatively, from within Feedback Studio.