Step 4 - Confirmation

So far you have found the Roster tab, configured the connection between Turnitin and your student information system, and linked your roster organizations to Turnitin accounts. In this final step, you'll review your picks and make the final confirmation that you'd like to create these links.

  1. After you've linked your roster organizations to Turnitin accounts, you'll be shown a summary of the links you've assigned. Take a few minutes to review your choices.

    Once you complete this step, you will be unable to remove the link between the Turnitin account and your roster organization. Ensure that everything is correct before you proceed.

  2. After review, use the Confirm Links button to permanently link your roster files.
  3. You're all done! You can review the links you've made, read and download event logs of any changes in the roster, and review the SFTP configuration details you used in step 2.

We will now start to roster your new classes, users, and enrollments. How long this process takes to complete can vary depending on the size of the roster organization you are linking. You can check the event logs to understand the current progress. Future updates should be almost instantaneous.