Step 2 - Configuring SFTP

Configuring your SFTP service happens outside of Turnitin, using the information displayed within the roster sync set-up.

Once you've navigated to the roster sync set-up, you'll be shown the configuration details that will allow you to connect your student information system to Turnitin via SFTP. The process of where you'll add the configuration details may vary depending on your student information system (SIS). We'd recommend having the admin responsible for managing your SIS to complete this step.

The configuration details on this page are read-only, but you can use the Copy buttons to transfer the information to your SIS. To configure your SFTP connection, you'll have to add the following information to your SIS.

The data you will have to transfer to your student information system are:



SFTP Username

SFTP Password

The SFTP Username and SFTP Password are different to your Turnitin log-in details. The SFTP username and password are only used to authenticate your connection with Turnitin. A secure 16 character password will be generated for you.

Email addresses

The final setting, 'Email addresses used in the roster are required', will restrict the number of users created during the roster sync process.

When enabled, accounts will only be created for those in the roster who have an email address associated with them. As a default, this setting is set to require email addresses.

Users without email addresses will be assigned a 'pseudo' email address for the purposes of account creation. They will be unable to log in or receive other Turnitin emails using this address.

Scheduled updates

How often you update Turnitin with roster files is also set within your SIS during configuration. We'd recommend setting regular updates, once every twenty-four hours as a minimum, to ensure that your user's details are kept up to date.

Next step

Once you're confident that the connection has been established, use the Next button to move to the next step. Don't worry if you're not sure! In the next step, we'll be processing the roster file we've just received from you and any potential issues with the connection should become clear.