Reviewing account links

Reviewing account links will allow you to check which roster organizations are assigned to which Turnitin account and assign any new ones that have been created since your initial roster sync set-up. You can access it from the Roster tab in your top-level Turnitin account.

  1. Navigate to the top-level Turnitin account, and select the Roster tab.
  2. Your currently linked roster organizations will be shown here. If you've already established all of your links, the information here will be read-only.
  3. If you have added a new roster organization since your initial set-up, you can use the drop-down list to link it to a Turnitin account.

    If you have created a new roster organization but it hasn't appeared on this page yet, try using the refresh button to check for changes.

  4. Once you've made your selections, use the Save Changes button to confirm your links. As always, take time to review your choices as, once linked, you will be unable to reverse the changes.