Creating new master class sections

New class sections can be manually created by the primary master class instructor. TA users be assigned to multiple class sections. However, only one TA can be assigned per section.

Only the primary master class instructor and the TA will be able to view the submissions in a class section.

  1. Select the + Section link to the right of the name of the master class. Not created a primary master class yet? Check out the guide.

  2. The TA join process involves two simple steps. The first step is to give Turnitin some very basic information about the new TA. We use this information to contact them about creating their Turnitin account. On the add section screen, enter the following information:
    • TAs first name
    • TAs last name
    • TAs e-mail address (for notification or new user password e-mail)

  3. Use the Submit button to continue to step 2.
  4. Step 2 involves creating some basic default information about the class section you are creating.
  5.   On the next page enter the required section information:
    • A name for the section.
    • A section enrollment key - this key will be used by students to join the class-section, as they would a primary class.

    Once their account has been created, the TA can change what you choose in this step to customize the class section to their needs.

  6. Use the submit button to add the section to the master class. The assigned TA will receive an email from Turnitin welcoming them to the class, or with details on how they can create a Turnitin account.

    Each new section will appear on the instructor homepage for the primary master class instructor, listed in smaller print beneath the master class. Both the primary instructor and the TA will be able to edit and manage this class, including viewing any submitted files or generated similarity reports.