Creating a master class

If sections of a class are taught by other instructors or by teaching assistants, a class with sections can be created in Turnitin. A top-level master class is created to oversee the section classes. From the master class, the instructor creating the master class can set up sections for the other instructors. These instructors are referred to in the master/section class system as Teaching Assistants (TA’s).

The primary master class instructor can set up sections for each TA, or each TA can create a section by using the master class ID and a TA join key set by the primary master class instructor. The primary master class instructor can set class preferences, create and ‘push’ assignments to the sections, reassign a section to a new TA, or access the section.

  1. To create a new master class, use the + Add Class button on the instructor homepage of Turnitin.

  2. On the add a class page, use the class type: drop-down menu and select master class.
  3. Enter a name for the master class and a TA join key. The TA join key is provided only if TA’s are creating their own sections in the master class. The TA join key, combined with the master class ID number, should only be provided if a TA is joining manually.

    Do not provide the TA join key or master class ID to students. Each section will have an individual section class ID and section enrollment key that is used if students are manually joining the class on Turnitin.

  4. Use the submit button and a new master class will be created. When first created a master class will not have any sections.

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