Adding a list of users

Don't need to add users in bulk? Learn how to add users individually.

To add users select Users from the sidebar and then select the + Add User button.

To upload a list of users select the Upload List button.

Upload the .csv file by dragging the file onto the upload area or use the Select File button to locate the list on your device.

The file must be a CSV file type and must not include more than 1,000 users. You can download a CSV template from Turnitin to help you create your list by selecting the Download Empty CSV Template button.

Filling out the .csv file

If you are using the template provided by Turnitin, do not remove the headers in line 1.

If you are creating a .csv file yourself, make sure you include the following headers in line 1.

The order of these headers is important. They must be in the correct order or Turnitin will not accept the file.

Fill out each column accordingly:

  • Column A - Last Name
  • Column B - First Name
  • Column C - Email
  • Column D - Account Administration Role
    • Enter 'yes' or 'no'
  • Column E - Crossref Role
    • Enter 'admin', 'principal user', or 'user'

Basic information

In your spreadsheet, you will need to enter the last name, first name, and email address of the user you wish to add to the account in columns A, B, and C.

This email is where the user will be sent their account activation email. Please make sure it is the correct one.


Enter the user roles into columns D and E.

If you would like the user to be an Account Administrator at the highest level, enter yes in column D. If you do not want this user to be an Account Administrator, enter no in column D.

Enter the role you want each user to have in the correct column.

Once you are happy with the list, save the file.

Upload the file and email invitation

Select the Upload List button and locate the .cvs file on your device. If you select the wrong file, use the trash can to remove it.

If the .csv file is formatted incorrectly then you will be unable to upload it.

The Email Invitation button will send an invite to the users that you have entered valid details for. It is now up to the user to set up their account.

The Cancel button will take you back to the Users list. You will lose all the details you have entered so far.