Understanding the Assignment Types


Revision Assistant offers three color-coded assignment types:

  • Signal Check (blue headers)
  • Expansion Pack (teal headers)
  • Spot Check (purple headers)

Each assignment type comes with a set of standards-aligned writing tasks, referred to as "prompts," that teachers assign their students within Revision Assistant itself. Prompts have different feedback, guidance, and scoring capabilities for teachers and students depending on which assignment type they correlate to. Regardless of the assignment type though, students can continue to submit and resubmit their work as many times as they'd like until the assignment is closed. Keep reading for more on what each assignment type has to offer. Then, check out the Secondary Education Prompts page in the Prompts and Resources section to see some of the most popular prompts available for each assignment type.

Signal Check

Assigning Signal Check prompts lets students request instant, rubric-based, holistic and sentence-level feedback as they write. Students can also get prewriting and grammar guidance -- all visible to teachers too. These prompts offer students the most amount of Revision Assistant guidance.

Best use: skill building, formative assignments


Expansion Pack

Assigning Expansion Pack prompts gives students the option to get holistic feedback and scores, and prewriting and grammar guidance as they write -- all visible to teachers too. These prompts offer students an intermediate amount of Revision Assistant guidance.

Best use: skill building


Spot Check

Assigning Spot Check prompts lets students write without any feedback, prewriting, or grammar guidance. Students' writing will be instantly scored against a Revision Assistant rubric, but the scores are only visible to teachers. These prompts offer the least amount of guidance and let teachers see their students' raw writing power without any help from Revision Assistant. Spot Check prompts are great for giving teachers a quick snapshot of students' progress or helping to get a baseline of their writing skills at the beginning of a semester.

Best use: skill building, formative assignments, progress monitoring

Pssst! Teachers, all Spot Check prompts are also available as Signal Check prompts.

Still a little fuzzy on what Revision Assistant is and what it can do for you? Check out Understanding Revision Assistant.