Understanding Revision Assistant

Turnitin's Revision Assistant was built on the well-established premise that students improve their writing by getting feedback early and often in the writing process so that they can confidently revise their work. However, when managing large classes and trying to meet standards' requirements, teachers can find it challenging to provide all of the feedback they would like on students’ drafts -- especially on lower stakes writing that focuses on specific skills.

That's where Revision Assistant comes in.

This product is an online platform that uses state-of-the-art machine learning technology to analyze student writing and provide instant, holistic and sentence-level feedback and other guidance as the students write to one of our grade- and genre-specific prompts. Along with a library of rubric-based and standards-aligned writing tasks, teachers get a wealth of curriculum resources to help them use Revision Assistant in their classroom and they get real-time data on their students' progress. Similarly, Revision Assistant gives administrators a bird's eye view of usage and performance in their schools and districts.

Writing is difficult to teach and to learn. Revision Assistant is here to offer some assistance.

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