Viewing Your Assignments

This guide only applies to users who access Revision Assistant on the Revision Assistant website. If you access Revision Assistant through a Learning Management System (LMS), such as Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle, please see the guides provided by your LMS or your school to complete this task.

Students, if this is your first time logging in, you will need to join your class before you can see your assignments.


Ready to start working on the assignments your teacher created for your class in Revision Assistant? Sweet! Let's get started. Follow the steps below to see how to navigate to your assignment pages and to understand what you'll find there.

  1. Log in to You'll be taken to your homepage first.
  2. Any assignments that your teacher has set for your class will be displayed on your homepage in little rectangles. These rectangles are called "assignment tiles."
  3. Be sure to write down the due date listed on each tile!
  4. Check the color-coded bar at the top of each tile to see what type of assignment it is:
    • Blue = Signal Check
    • Purple = Spot Check
    • Teal = Expansion Pack
  5. You can click anywhere on a tile to bring you to that assignment page. Here's what you'll find:


  • The writing instructions
  • Located at the top of the page

Special Instructions

  • Tips or requests your teacher left on an assignment
  • Located right below prompt


  • The categories Revision Assistant will use to assess your writing
  • Click the View Rubric link above the prompt to see it.


  • Materials you'll have to analyze to be able to write to the prompt
  • Only some prompts have them
  • Click the right and left arrows below the prompt to see them.

Prewriting Tool (optional)

  • An area to plan your thesis and supports and send them to your Writing Space
  • Only available on Signal Check and Expansion Pack assignments
  • Click the Start Prewriting Button below prompt to use it.

Writing Space

  • The area where you will write, request feedback (if available on that assignment type) and can format your essay
  • Located below prompts and sources


  • The previous versions of your essay and any Signal Check feedback, grammar guidance, or other messages you received on those versions
  • Only available on Signal Check and Expansion Pack assignments
  • A new draft is created every time you...
    • Request a Signal Check
    • Request a Proofread
    • Turn in your work
  • Located below the Writing Space; also accessible from left side panel




Now that you understand how the assignment pages work, check out Writing Your Essay to help you start crafting your masterpiece.