Using the Prewriting Tool

Great writing begins with a great plan! From your assignment page, you can use the Revision Assistant Prewriting Tool to help start and organize your essay. You can even work on your prewriting after you have started your essay. Once you are on your assignment page, follow the steps below to find and use your Prewriting Tool.


  1. Click Start Prewriting located above or below the prompt text. This will bring up the Prewriting Tool between the prompt text and the Writing Space.

    prewriting button

  2. Type, edit, and copy and paste your thoughts into the text boxes. Click the circled question marks for hints on what should go in each text box.
  3. After you have completed your prewriting, select the Send to Writing Space button. This will transfer all the content automatically to the Writing Space where you can edit it.
  4. Select the Back to Prewriting button to be taken back to your original prewriting. You can change and update your prewriting as many times as you want.

Prewriting tool