Understanding Signal Check Feedback

The special thing about Signal Check and Expansion Pack assignments is that you can ask Revision Assistant for feedback while you're writing your essay to help you revise and improve before electronically turning your work in to your teacher. Revision Assistant calls this feedback a Signal Check. Signal Checks are made up of two types of feedback: holistic feedbackand sentence-level feedback. Keep reading to review how to request a Signal Check and how to understand your holistic and sentence-level Signal Check feedback.

Signal Check, Expansion Pack, and Spot Check are the three types of assignments your teacher could give you in Revision Assistant. You will be able to request different amounts of instant help while you write based on the type of assignment you're working on. Signal Check assignments can give you feedback on your essay overall, individual sentences, grammar, and prewriting. You can tell you're in a Signal Check assignment because the headers will be blue. Expansion Pack assignments have teal headers and can give you feedback on your essay overall, prewriting, and grammar. Spot Check assignments are purple and they let you show off your writing skills with no tips or feedback at all.