Women's Empowerment Collection

The purpose of this collection is to highlight existing Revision Assistant prompts that explore important topics related to women’s history and rights. These prompts are also an excellent addition to lessons during Women's History Month in March.

* Indicates source created by a woman


Grades 6-8 Informative

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Mentors and Role Models: Read “A Poem for my Librarian, Mrs. Long” by Nikki Giovanni. Then, compare and contrast your role model with Mrs. Long.

“A Poem for My Librarian, Mrs. Long”* Poem by Nikki Giovanni, 2007.




Grades 9-10 Informative

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Women’s Suffrage and Equal Rights: Analyze the rhetorical strategies Susan B. Anthony (1873) and Shirley Chisholm (1969) used in two speeches in pursuit of equal rights.

Source 1: “Is It a Crime for a Citizen of the United States to Vote?”* (Excerpt) Speech by Susan B. Anthony, 1873.

Source 2: “Equal Rights for Women speech to Congress”* Speech by Shirley Chisholm, 1969.




Grades 9-10 Analysis

Prompt Title & Description


Prejudices & Stereotypes: Analyze how the Boatwright sisters' personalities challenge Lily's views on women of color in The Secret Life of Bees.

The Secret Life of Bees* Novel by Sue Monk Kidd, 2003.




Grades 9-12 Analysis

Prompt Title & Description


Ain’t I A Woman?: Analyze how Sojourner Truth builds her argument through emotional and logical appeals in her speech "Ain't I a Woman?"

"Ain’t I A Woman?"* Speech by Sojourner Truth, 1851.

Equal Pay For Women: Analyze why Venus Williams and Lilly Ledbetter fought for equal pay in different ways, and compare the effects of their efforts.

Source 1:Wimbledon Has Sent Me a Message: I'm Only a Second-Class Champion”* Article by Venus Williams, The Times, 2006.

Source 2: "Lilly Ledbetter Act Overview"* Article, National Women's Law Center, 2013.

Source 3: “Lilly Ledbetter: Time to End the Wage Gap for Women”* Article by Lilly Ledbetter, USA Today, 2016.




Grades 9-12 Historical Analysis

Prompt Title & Description


International Women’s Rights: Using sources from BBC, PRI, and Human Rights Watch, argue how and why gender affects personal freedom across the globe.

Source 1: "China Needs to Stop the Growing Gender Gap"* (Secondary) Article by Sophie Richardson, Human Rights Watch, 2017.

Source 2: "The War on Women in Israel" (Excerpt, Secondary) Article by Samuel Thrope, The Nation, 2015.

Source 3: "Jobs women can't do in Russia"* (Secondary) Article by Jessica Golloher, PRI's The World, 2009.

Source 4: "Indonesian district bans unwed couples from motorbike sharing" (Secondary) Article, BBC World News, 2015.

Source 5: "Sudan women in trousers: No indecency charges" (Secondary) Article, BBC World News, 2017.

Source 6: "What Can Women Still Not Do in Saudi Arabia?" Article, BBC World News, 2017.

Source 7: "Gender discrimination comes in many forms for today’s working women"* (Excerpt) Article by Kim Parker and Cary Funk, Pews Research Center, 2017.