Higher Education Prompts (College)

Think Revision Assistant is just for K-12 classrooms? Think again. The prompts listed in the table below could easily be incorporated into a higher education classroom. To further illustrate how, we have also included which college-level subjects each prompt pertains to. You can view a handful of the prompts by clicking the links in the table below. To check out our full library of prompts, log in to Revision Assistant.


College-Ready Prompts

Prompts First Year
Social Studies
Ad Me    
Angela's Ashes    
Big Data    
Censorship in the Libraries  
Civil Rights
Civil Service      
Financial Literacy    
Frankenstein and Bill Nye  
"The Horned Toad"      
To Kill a Mockingbird    
Last Child  
Local and Global Powers      
Mediterranean Transformations      
Mistakes Were Made  
Owning the Self      
Prep Work      
Protection or Privacy      
Question Everything  
A Raisin in the Sun  
Right to Privacy      
The Role of the State      
School Search      
"Sometimes, the Earth is Cruel"  
A Story About Laughter      


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