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2021 October 27th

Continued performance with the latest version of iOS

An app update is required for this change. The latest version is 3.2.0.

We've updated the app to better work with the latest version of iOS. You should notice increased stability and some performance enhancements.

2019 August 30th

This change does not require an app update.

New source credibility QMs with linked instructional videos released

We've got some incredible news. We just released a set of source credibility QuickMarks (QMs)! Available in American and British English, these QMs will make it easier for teachers to provide meaningful feedback on how relevant and trustworthy students' chosen sources are, and how credible a source's author seems to be. But wait, there's more. Most of these QMs even include links to a corresponding video aimed at helping students further understand how to evaluate the credibility of any source. We hope these new source credibility QMs are a great source of happiness as you start your weekend.

QuickMark Set: Source Credibility


2019 July 17th

This change does not require an app update.

New social studies short answer QuickMarks and rubric available now

Stressful scoring and confusing comments are things of the past. A new rubric and accompanying QuickMarks set for social studies short answer questions were just released! Available in American and British English, these resources will make it easier for teachers to score and provide meaningful feedback on pieces of writing in which students are briefly defending a claim about or explaining a historical topic.

Rubric & QuickMarks: Social Studies Short Answer


2019 July 2nd

This change does not require an app update.

New science QuickMarks and rubrics available now (except for UK)

Put on your chemistry goggles and fire up the Bunsen burners. Three sets of science-related rubrics and accompanying QuickMarks were just released! Aligned to the concepts of the NGSS and broken out for younger and older students, these resources will make it easier for teachers to score and provide meaningful feedback on both shorter and longer pieces of writing in science and STEM classes. Please note that these Marie-Curie-approved rubrics and QMs are not available in the UK yet, but they will be soon.

  • Rubric & QuickMarks: 6th-8th Grade Science Argument (CER)
  • Rubric & QuickMarks: 9th-12th Grade Science Argument (CER)
  • Rubric & QuickMarks: Science Short Answer

New ELA short answer QuickMarks and rubric available now (except for UK)

Additionally, an English Language Arts (ELA) rubric and QuickMarks set were also released. Both perfect for instructors to use when asking their students to directly, but briefly, defend a claim or explain a topic in an English class or other humanities course. This rubric and QM set is also coming to the UK in the near future.

  • Rubric & QuickMarks: ELA Short Answer


2019 February 6th


The app will now work correctly when synching to the Blackboard Grade Centre

For a small number of users, the scores set while using the iOS app would not carry through to the Blackboard Grade Centre when applied. We've worked out what they were unable to talk to each other properly, and you should now be able to use both in concert with one another, as intended!

This change does not require an app update.

2018 June 13th


The assignment information panel now functions correctly!

Oops! Having no assignment information in the assignment information panel is a little embarrassing... so we popped on our hard hats and quickly started tightening up those loose bolts! And in a non-analogical sense, our engineers fixed the issue by ensuring that the info panel now adapts correctly to your device's screen size. Hurrah!

2018 May 30th


Instructors can now enter negatives grades into a grading form!

We received some requests to align the iOS app with Feedback Studio for desktop so that negative grades could be entered into grading forms on both platforms. We've made some changes that allow you to enter negative grades into a grading form on the Feedback Studio for iOS app.

While adding negative scores in a grading form is now possible, please ensure that a paper's final grade has a positive value. If the final grade has a negative value, an error message will be displayed.

Comments on QuickMarks now save successfully

After adding a QuickMark to a paper, the app immediately placed the QuickMark in edit mode, encouraging instructors to add a comment. However, we found that any comments added at this point failed to save. To resolve this, after selecting a QuickMark, the editor now closes immediately. If you'd like to add a comment to the QuickMark, simply tap on the QuickMark from the paper.

2018 April 16th


To align with desktop, support for stylized text in grading forms has been removed

Whilst Feedback Studio for iOS allowed stylized text in the grading form, the desktop version does not. Any stylization performed in the app was rendered as HTML <p> tags in the desktop browser. We also found that any placeholder text displayed in mixed font sizes.

To align the app with the browser version of Feedback Studio, we have removed support for stylized text in grading forms.

Changes to date or region settings no longer stop grades from syncing

We received a report that grades were failing to sync to a user's server. We believe that this issue stemmed from a change made to either the Date and Time or Language and Region setting after they had changed the grade on their iOS device. We date stamp all grades submitted to Turnitin so that, if a grade is changed offline, we can identify the most up-to-date change. However, the device's date change confused the server, resulting in the grade being rejected.

We've made a fix to ensure that regional device settings don't affect grade syncing in future!

All items created and deleted offline will now sync correctly

Whilst using the app in offline mode, users found that by deleting any unsynced marks before taking the app online, this resulted in a large queue of false pending changes (why would you want to sync a change that had already been deleted?). Having identified the problem, we are now able to handle this scenario correctly.

Whilst you should no longer have problems with data syncing in future, to resolve any current queue of false pending changes, you should log out and back in.

No more display issues in the "Log In Help" popover

The full text of the "Log In Help" popover was only visible in landscape mode, but when in portrait mode, only part of the text was displayed.

We've fixed this issue, and also made some changes to our placement of the X to close "Log In Help".

2018 March 20th

Instructors can now copy their class access URL from their access email for manual entry

Following user feedback, we've implemented a fix to accommodate instances where instructor email accounts are not linked to the iOS device they're using. This issue effectively resulted in instructors being unable to add their LMS classes to the iOS app.

Now, there's no need to worry about tapping the Add class button in the email as the class access email now displays a full class access URL beneath the button. You can copy this URL from any device for manual entry in your iOS browser. Please be aware that class access links are set to expire after 24 hours, after which time you will need to visit the document viewer to request a new link.

This fix does not require you to update your Feedback Studio for iOS app.

2018 March 16th


TurnitinUK users: The Add class button now works as expected!

We received reports that the Add class button in the document viewer was not functioning as expected, resulting in a failure message: 'Error Connecting Class'. A fix was promptly made to resolve this. We sincerely apologize for this issue.

2018 March 13th


A new method for accessing your LMS classes in the iOS app

We have a new and improved workflow that makes adding existing learning management system (LMS) classes to the Feedback Studio for iOS app much more stable!

A new Feedback Studio for iOS section is available via the submission info icon in the desktop document viewer. If you're using an iOS device, you can add your class in one tap; if you aren't using an iOS device, you can send a link to your iOS email account for later. The new method replaces the previous access code area in the document viewer.

Take a look below for further instructions on how to successfully add a class to the Feedback Studio for iOS app...

Using the document viewer on a non-iOS device

1. Select the submission info icon from the toolbar of the Feedback Studio document viewer.

2. Enter and confirm your email address.

3. Select the Email Me button.

4. Access your email on an iOS device that has the most up-to-date version of the Feedback Studio for iOS app installed (this is important!).

5. From the email, select the Add Class button.

Using the document viewer on a non-iOS device

1. Ensure the most up-to-date version of the Feedback Studio for iOS app is installed before moving to step 2 (this is important!).

2. Select the submission info icon from the toolbar of the Feedback Studio document viewer

3. Select the Add Class button.

You can now store your Turnitin credentials in iCloud Keychain! 

When you next log into Turnitin from your Safari browser, you'll be prompted to save your login credentials to iCloud Keychain! By doing this, the next time you attempt to log into the Feedback Studio for iOS app, we'll ask you if you'd like to use your keychain password. If you're using iCloud to sync your keychain, this will work across multiple devices. Hooray!

Fixes to QuickMarks

Only one QuickMark will be selected when converting a bubble comment to a QuickMark

When selecting a set for your converted QuickMark to live in, we noticed that multiple sets were selected - that should not be possible! As a QuickMark can only be associated with one QuickMark set, we were quick off the mark to fix this issue...

New QuickMarks now save to the correct QuickMark set

Several users highlighted an issue encountered when assigning a new QuickMark to a specific QuickMark set. The new QuickMark incorrectly saved to the default 'Commonly Used' set. Our mobile engineers have managed to resolve this problem.

Colors assigned to QuickMarks now display correctly in the popover box

When editing a QuickMark, the QuickMark popover seemed to always adopt the blue highlight color, even though it was set to a completely different color. Now, whatever the color, we'll ensure it's always displayed correctly!

Selections now appear correctly during QuickMark creation in offline mode

Whilst working offline, some users ran into problems creating a QuickMark, with the selected QuickMark title and description displaying incorrectly. Upon saving, however, the correct selection would be added to the paper. Confusing, right? We've managed to resolve this problem. Whether you're online or offline, your QuickMark information will now display just as it should!

The QuickMark search field now behaves as expected

When using an iPad in landscape mode, the search box within the QuickMark popover rendered oddly, covering up several QuickMarks. We've managed to fix that.

Use any letter case for your username!

We noticed that, during login, the username field wasn't accepting any uppercase input, resulting in a failed login attempt, not to mention a sincerely confused Turnitin user! We've removed case sensitivity from this field. Type your UsERnamE with any case that takes your fancy!

Names are sorted alphabetically regardless of letter case

When sorting by last name in the assignment inbox, students whose names were recorded with lower case letters weren't sorted properly. Instead, all names starting with a lower case letter were sorted together, then all names starting with an upper case letter followed. We've fixed this issue.

Fixes exclusive to compact screens (Split View and iPhone)

Editing a QuickMark now displays a Done button

Regardless of how wonderful it may be to enter somewhere, it's always nice to be able to leave it, right? We found that, while you can create a new QuickMark on a small screen and hit Done to exit, you couldn't do the same after editing an existing QuickMark. Holding you captive in your QuickMark was not our intention, and we have, quite rightly, fixed it!

Say "goodbye" to an unwelcome Hide button in the voice comments section

After hiding a voice comment at the bottom of the document viewer, and subsequently pressing play to listen to the voice comment, the Hide button reappeared, layered on top. We've since tightened up those loose bolts... it's all fixed.

Applying a grading form score to the grade will now be reflected in the document viewer

When returning to the document viewer after using the grading form to grade, the previous grade was still present, requiring the user to exit, then reopen the submission to force a refresh. Talk about cumbersome! We've managed to resolve this issue so that the document viewer always reflects new grades.

Scrolling through a long grading form is now faster and smoother

We found that grading forms hosting a lot of content became extremely difficult to scroll through. We identified this as being a result of some energy inefficiency within the app. We've double glazed and insulated to observe a huge efficiency increase! How about that?

Listen to voice comments with your iOS device muted

We received a report from an instructor that several students were unable to listen to their voice comments; this was found to be a result of their iOS devices' sound being muted. We've made some backend adjustments so that voice comments can now be heard regardless of the iOS device's sound setting.

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