Enrolling students in a master class

A master class does not allow students to enroll. Student enrollment is handled in each section individually - students can even be enrolled in multiple sections of the same master class, and will see each section as a separate class.

Student enrollment into sections can be handled in the same ways as students enrolling into standard classes. The student users can be provided with the section ID and the section enrollment key, or can be manually enrolled by the instructor. Providing students with the section ID and section enrollment key may save the most time for the instructor.

Students can also be added to the section class by the TA or by the primary master class instructor. Students can be added one by one or as a list.

The primary master class instructor may also add students to sections by using the master class student page interface. The primary master class instructor can then upload individual students or a list of students to be added to a specific section of a master class.

  1. Click on the name of the master class to add students in.

  2. Click on the students tab on the master class homepage.

  3. Click on add student or upload student list button as appropriate for the method of adding students the instructor wishes to use at this time.

  4. The process for adding a student from this point doesn't differ from the one you'll already be familiar with. Not sure how? Check out the guide.

    The student or list of students will be added to the master student list and the section class student list. New students will be e-mailed a new user welcome notification. Students with an existing profile will receive a notification e-mail that a new class has been added to their student user homepage.