Changing your user account settings

Select your name or User Info at the top of the page.

The account settings available are:

  • default user type - select from student,instructor, or administrator; this will be the user home page seen when the user logs in
  • default submission type - select a default submission type, which determines which type of submission page is shown automatically for an instructor clicking on the submit icon in Turnitin
  • activate quick submit - select yes to turn quick submit on; refer to Chapter 10 for information on quick submit
  • items per page - select the number of items from a list of students, submissions, or assignments to display per page on Turnitin
  • file download format - select the default format for files downloaded from Turnitin; the options available are original format, PDF format, or let me choose each time
  • show page info - choose yes to display page information at the top of each page, which contains helpful information for each user
  • send me e-mail updates - choose yes to receive e-mail updates from Turnitin
  • use homepage link - choose yes to create a homepage link; enter a name for the link and the URL in the field below; an extra tab will now appear within all class homepages which links to an external site for you and your students to view

If any changes were made to the user profile, the instructor must click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.