Microsoft Teams TFS Known Issues

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We hope that your time with Turnitin is without any problems, but occasionally something might happen that you were not expecting. Check out this list, and see if anything looks familiar. If your problem appears on the list, we're aware of the problem and currently looking into it.

Found something new? Get in touch with our support team by raising a ticket.

All Microsoft Teams TFS known issues as of 2024-03-28

Error when launching the text-only Similarity Report and the AI writing report from the desktop app

When an instructor launches either the text-only Similarity Report or the AI report from within the Microsoft Teams desktop app, they receive an error message that says "Sorry, the page you requested does not exist."

Workaround: As a workaround, users can launch these reports by accessing Turnitin in Microsoft Teams via the browser.

Opening the report previously did not work in the new Teams for Education desktop app

A fix has been released that makes it now possible to launch the Turnitin report viewer from the new Microsoft Teams for Education desktop app. This fix also resolves launches into the rubric manager. Please note that there is a bit of a delay in loading the report and awe re continuing to work on further improvements to the loading process.

This release does not include a fix for the AI Writing Report or the Text-Only Report view. There is further work currently in progress to resolve these.

Instructors could not leave voice comments on the MS Teams desktop app

We identified an issue that prevented instructors from leaving voice comments for students when grading papers on the Microsoft Teams desktop app. A message to enable microphone permissions was displayed, however there didn't appear to be a way to enable these permissions. This issue has been resolved.