Turnitin Integrity Known Issues

We hope that your time with Turnitin is without any problems, but occasionally something might happen that you were not expecting. Don't panic! We're here to help. Check out this list, and see if anything seems familiar. If your problem appears on the list, we're aware of the problem and currently looking into it.

Found something new? Get in touch with our support team by sending an email to tiisupport@turnitin.com

Currently, .csv files cannot be used to complete a bulk upload. If your institution has a large number of users to enroll, please reach out to our Technical Support team by emailing turnitinsupport@turnitin.com.

When a user uploads a .zip file with a file name written in Japanese, the file name displayed within the inbox is populated with illegible text. We are currently investigating this issue.

For security reasons, we ensure that when a user is resetting their password, it is not the same as their existing password. An error message will be revealed on the event, however we are working on making this error more informative so that the user understands why their password was not accepted.

The current Handin link description explains that all submissions will be saved to our database, when settings exist to stop submissions from entering our database. We are working on changing the description of these links to ensure it is no longer misleading.

The hidden text flag will identify instances where white text has been used. As most essays are written on a white background, this method will usually be able to identify instances where a student has attempted to hide text. This will unfortunately also cause a false flag when white text has been usd on a colored background; for example, white text on a black background.

The image viewer is unable to display TIFF files.

All Canvas known issues as of 2020-08-03

If an administrator registers multiple Canvas Plagiarism Framework tools, they are currently created under the same scope. We are investigating prompting the administrator to set a scope name each time they set up a new CPF tool to ensure each tool is identifiable.

All Moodle known issues as of 2020-09-01

In Moodle 3.7, a new feature, in-line comments, was added. When using this feature, the Turnitin EULA is not shown to users before generating a Similarity Score for the comment. Institutions can continue to use Moodle Forums as normal. However, they should not use in-line comments unless they are confident their student's have already accepted the Turnitin EULA.

Turnitin is attempting to generate a Similarity Report for Feedback or Intro files uploaded by the instructor. As this is not a support feature, an error message is displayed. We are currently investigating this issue.

All Turnitin Draft Coach known issues as of 2020-03-11
All Sakai known issues as of 2020-08-03

A student has the ability to exclude aspects of their similarity score however, these exclusions are not intended to be saved. Currently, exclusions made by a student may modify their similarity score. The exclusions can easily be removed by the instructor while they have the Similarity Report open. Turnitin and Sakai are currently investigating this issue.

If a user were to repeatedly attempt resubmissions to their assignment at a fast pace, they may find that when they select "Resubmit" they are taken directly to the "Submit" page without having the option to upload a new file first. To avoid experiencing this error, we would ask users to wait until their similarity score has generated, look through their results and resubmit any changes.

If a student were to refresh their assignment inbox while their Similarity Report is still "Processing," they will be presented with a possibly incorrect 0% similarity score. Instructors will be shown the correct similarity score in their Inbox view.

When the LTI Inbox is launched, the due date and start date are populated with "Not Scheduled" as opposed to the set dates.

Workaround - Although the dates are not shown after the inbox's initial launch, expanding the inbox into a new tab will show the dates as expected.

If users changed their language preferences, the submission date shown on a student's submission card would have remaiedn in the date format Month, Day, Year instead of their chosen language format which was causing confusion. Now the dates are displayed like the example “28 Sept 2020 01:26“ to ensure the day and month are no longer confused.

We notify our users if there is a change within the Turnitin EULA. If a user had already accepted the newer version of the EULA and navigated back to the notification to accept it for a second time, they were be shown a blank screen, causing confusion. We now inform users that they have already accepted the latest version of the EULA if they attempt to do so for a second time.

.hwp file types are now supported for uploading and Similarity Report generation.