Response parameter table

Element XML-RPC Data Type DescriptionAPI Methods
sidstringSession identifier, 40 characters (a-z, 0-9)login
api_statusint200: Success 500: Application error 401: Authentication failure 403: Authorization failure 404: Does not exist or has been deletedall
messagesarrayList of one or more informational messages. These messages may or may not contain error conditions not listed in the errors field.all
errorsstructList of one or more error messages. These are typically due to input data validation failures and thus associated with the specific input field, but may general in nature and require inspection of the messages field.all
response_timestampsdateTime.iso8601An iso8601 XMLRPC field in UTC (with a ‘Z’ appended), returned only for responses that have a 200 api_status code.all
idint Id of the newly created element







groupsarrayAn array of group elementsgroup.list
groupstructA struct of group element attributes id, nameall that return groups
foldersarrayAn array of folder elements



folderstructA struct of folder element attributes id, name




pagerstruct Contains the following members: entries_per_page, total_entries, current_pageany that return a pager
entries_per_pageintNumber of entries per pager pageany that return a pager
total_entriesintTotal number of records returned by the pager elementany that return a pager
current_pageintCurrent page of result setaccount.get
accountstructContains members describing the account statususer.list
usersarrayAn array of user elements


userstruct A struct of user element attributes (id, email, first_name, last_name)



report_url A url to view the report which requires user authenticationreport.get
view_only_urlarray A view only report url which expires in a set amount of timereport.get
view_only_expiresarrayThe expiration time in minutes from the response_timestamp field at which the view_only_url
documentsintAn array of document structs. Each document struct has the following attributes: id, is_pending, author_first, author_last, uploaded_time, processed_time, percent_match, title, partsdocument.get
partsint An array of document part (section) structs. Each document part (section) struct has the following attributes: doc_id, score, words, folder, group, id, namedocument.get
doc_idint Document part (section) iddocument.get
max_percent_matchintThe largest source match percentage for the documentdocument.get
scorearrayDocument part (section) scoredocument.get
wordsstringNumber of words in document part (section)document.get
uploadedarrayAn array of upload structs corresponding to uploads. Each upload struct has the following attributes: id, mime_type, filename, folderdocument.add
mime_typestringThe MIME type determined for an uploaded documentany that return an uploaded struct
is_pendingintThe number of document sections/ parts remaining to be processed by the document processing system after a document is uploaded.document.get
filenamestringThe document filenameany that return an uploaded struct

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