API Responses

Responses are returned in accordance with the XML-RPC specification (http://www. xmlrpc.com/). An example successful login response is shown below. The session id used to authenticate subsequent requests is returned in the sid element.

All responses include a api_status value, which may have the following values. The values use coding scheme similar to the familiar HTTP status codes.

Note: Note: the api_status is NOT the HTTP status for your request

200 - successful response, repsonse may contain messages but not errors

401 - request failed to provide an authenticated session id (sid) for the resource

403 - access to the requested resource is not authorized

404 - requested resource was not found

500 - error in the request, response payload may contain errors or messages

The date and time format for any response data is dateTime.iso8601.

An example of a successful response from a login method request: 

<struct> <member> <name>sid</name> <value><string>7c306332c88eab2842d83fe099585fceb2cd1e34</string></value> </member> <member> <name>api_status</name> <value><int>200</int></value> </member></struct>

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