Get similarity report

Get Similarity Report

This method returns a set of urls to report data for a document section.

Method: report.get

Arguments: id (document part/section id), sid, exclude_biblio, exclude_quotes, exclude_small_matches

Returns: sid, api_status, response_timestamp, report_url, view_only_url, view_only_expires, exclude_quotes, exclude_biblio, exclude_small_matches

Errors: Returns an error if an invalid document id is passed


Messages: None


Note: When retrieving the view_only_url for a report you may add a query parameter “report_type” to specify which report viewing mode to open the Similarity Report in. The available report types are: similarity, content, largest, and summary. Here is an example of the view_only url with the addition of a report_type query parameter:

If the report_type parameter is not used the Similarity Report will open in the default report viewing mode that was set for the account

Example Request

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8”?><methodCall> <methodName>report.get</methodName> <params><param> <value><struct> <member> <name>sid</name> <value><string>5d58f1491c3355c6dfbdeccd76429a6c3a94cdc1</string></value> </member> <member> <name>id</name> <value><int>8896</int></value> </member><member> <name>exclude_quotes</name> <value><boolean>1</boolean></value> </member> <member> <name>exclude_biblio</name> <value><boolean>1</boolean></value> </member> <member> <name>exclude_small_matches</name> <value><boolean>1</boolean></value> </member> </struct></value> </param></params></methodCall>

Example Response

<struct> <member> <name>sid</name> <value><string>432d8b581da65ae89f9683803e750884d022c568</string></value> </member> <member> <name>status</name> <value><int>200</int></value> </member> <member> <name>view_only_expires</name> <value><dateTime.iso8601>2008-06-27T20:54:24Z</dateTime.iso8601></value> </member <member> <name>response_timestamp_</name> <value><dateTime.iso8601>2008-06-27T20:34:24Z</dateTime.iso8601></value> </member> <member> <name>report_url</name> <value><string></string></value> </member> <member> <name>api_status</name> <value><int>200</int></value> </member> <member> <name>view_only_url</name> <value><string></string> </value> <member></struct>

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