Excluding search repositories

You are able to exclude entire repositories from appearing in a Similarity Report. The repositories you have available to you are determined by the administrator for your organization.

  1. When you are viewing a similarity report, select Settings from the sidebar.
  2. Using the checkboxes, choose the repositories that you'd like your submitted documents to not match against.

    Internet -Turnitin's 'web crawler' actively archives websites and holds over 62 billion current and removed pages in our database.

    Publications -Turnitin partners with leading content publishers to create a robust collection of over 160 million articles from library databases, textbook publishers, digital reference collections, subscription-based publications, homework helper sites, and books.

    Submitted Works - This is an umbrella term for all items previously submitted to any of the repositories that an account has been set up with. The options available for your Turnitin's accounts are:

    • Private account repository
    • Private group repository (e.g. country, consortium, or a specifically requested group)
    • Global repository

    By default, all accounts are set up with their own private repository. However, some accounts are also set up with a private group or global repository. Speak to your account administrator if you require clarification.

  3. Changes should automatically apply, but select the Done button to confirm and close the side-bar.