Accessing your Similarity Report

Just like with other Turnitin assignments, Turnitin LTI assignments will also give you a Similarity Report with an overall similarity score and the breakdown of what files from Turnitin databases matched parts of yours. Check out the quick steps and info below for how to open your Similarity Report on a Turnitin LTI assignment and to help you understand what's happening if you can't see your similarity score.


Navigating to the Similarity Report

  1. Log in to your university's Learning Management System or LMS (e.g., Blackboard or Moodle) the way you normally do.
  2. Navigate to your courses and lists of assignments within your LMS.
  3. Launch the Turnitin assignment you'd like to look at. This will take you to a page with a submission tile containing details about the work you submitted to that assignment.
  4. Under the Similarity heading on your submission tile, you will see your color-coded similarity score. Click your score to open your Similarity Report. If you see something other than your score there, see the next section of this guide.

    Check out Interpreting the similarity score to help you understand why you got the score you did and to figure out what you're seeing on your Similarity Report.


Understanding what's happening if you can't access your report

  • If you see "Processing" on your submission tile, Turnitin hasn't finished checking your submission for similarity with other files just yet. Check back in a few minutes.
  • If you see "Available on [the assignment due date]" on your submission tile, you'll have to wait until the date listed there (the assignment due date) to see your Similarity Report.
  • If you see "Failed to Process" or "Timed Out" on your submission tile, Turnitin is having some issues generating your Similarity Report. Don't panic. Take a screenshot of what you're seeing, email your instructor to let them know, and include the screenshot in your message.