Viewing paper match details

The account administrator can decide what details are shown when one of your uploaded matches content in your organizations private database. The default is set to show no information. They can change a setting which will give you access to basic information of the author of the original submission.

  1. Select a source as you usually would.

    When this option is enabled, any matches will appear in the Sources Overview panel as 'Submitted works'. By default the source will be open on the Source view. This shows an exert of the submission with the matching text highlighted. The Details view will show the following information:

    • The name of the student who submitted the file
    • The student's email
    • The date the file was uploaded
    • The assignment (if submitting through web based Turnitin this will be class or folder)
    • The submission title

  2. Select View Full Text to see the entire submission with the matching text highlighted.

If you do not have access to this repository then the text and details will not display.