Re-including a source

Have you excluded a source from the Similarity Report but would like it to show again?

  1. Select My Files from the sidebar.
  2. Find the file containing the document you'd like to view and select its title.

  3. From the sources sidebar, choose a source view.

    Sources Overview: A list of the top sources found in the document

    All Sources: A list of all sources that have matched in the document.

    Excluding from either of these views will also exclude it from the other view

  4. When you exclude a source, the number of current exclusions appears above the Overall Similarity score. Select this link to view the currently excluded sources.

  5. A list of sources that are currently excluded will be displayed in the side-panel.

    Use the boxes to re-included in the Similarity Report. Removing the 'checked' status of the box will re-include it. If you would like to re-include all sources at once deselect the Include All Sources box.

  6. You're all done! Don't forget you can exclude these sources again at any time.