Excluding an individual source

Sometimes, you may notice that a source is included in the Similarity Report that you didn't intend, or there may be a source you think was permissible, and don't want it to contribute to the overall similarity score.

  1. Select My Files from the sidebar.
  2. Find the file containing the document you'd like to view and select its title.

  3. From the sources sidebar, choose a source view.

    Sources Overview: A list of the top sources found in the document

    All Sources: A list of all sources that have matched in the document.

    Excluding from either of these views will also exclude it from the other view

  4. Hoover over the source you would like to exclude. An eye icon with a strike through it will appear.

    Select this icon to exclude this source.
  5.  You will be presented with options to state why you are excluding this particular source.

     These options are:
    1. Student's own work
    2. Not the original source
    3. Valid collaboration
    4. Other (you will be asked to specify)
    5. Exclude without reason
  6. Alternatively, select the source that you would like to exclude. The source will expand to show you the a snippet of the matching text.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the source text and select the Exclude this Text.

    1. You will be presented with the same exclusion options as in point 4. Select your reason for exclusion to exclude the source.

      Excluding a sub-domain will only remove the match from that level of the domain. If there are multiple matches, from different parts of a single domain, they will be treated differently.

      For example: help.turnitin.com would be a different source to example.turnitin.com

  8. You're all done! The similarity score will be updated to reflect the exclusion you have just made.