Choosing folder-level similarity storage options

When a file is added to Turnitin, we can store a fingerprint of it for use in future Similarity Reports. Much like the index of a book, we note all the important parts of a submission so we can look them up later. We sometimes call this Submission Indexing. Who can match against these indexed files is determined by your Turnitin license and the account settings your administrator has chosen.

  1. Add a folder as you usually would, or find one to edit.
  2. Use the Files Uploaded to this folder will be used for similarity comparison toggle . Turning this setting on will index any future submissions to the folder based.

    When editing a folder, previous submissions will respect the indexing options chosen at the time they were submitted. If you require a file to be indexed, submit it again to Turnitin.

    Files moved into a folder will keep the indexing of the folder they were submitted to.

  3. Use the Save button to confirm your changes.