Adding Turnitin to a Sakai assignment

Turnitin enables seamless integration with Sakai. Once your administrator has configured Turnitin for your organization, you can use Turnitin as a part of your normal environment using Sakai assignments.

  1. Start to create a Sakai Assignment as you usually would.
    1. If you've never created a Sakai assignment before, you'll have to first create a work site with assignments enabled. Your administrator will do this for you.
    2. From the Assignments tab, choose Add.

  2. Set dates for the Open Date and Due Date settings. These dates act as the Start date and Due date for Turnitin too.
  3. From the list of settings find the Turnitin Plagiarism Service heading, and select the Use Turnitin check box.

  4. (Optional) There are several other options within Turnitinsettings that you can customize for each assignment. Feel free to change any that you need to!
  5. All done? Great! Post the assignment to allow users to start uploading files for similarity checks.