Re-including a source

Have you excluded a source from the Similarity Report but would like it to show again?

  1. When you are viewing a similarity report, from the sources sidebar, from the sources sidebar, choose a source view.

    Top sources: A list of the top sources found in the document

    All Sources: A list of all sources that have matched in the document.

    Excluding from either of these views will also exclude it from the other view

  2. When you exclude a source, the number of current exclusions appears below the source view options. Select this link to view the currently excluded sources.

  3. A list of sources that are currently excluded will be displayed in the side-panel.

    Use the boxes to re-included in the Similarity Report. Removing the 'checked' status of the box will re-include it. If you would like to re-include all sources at once deselect the Include All Sources box.

  4. You're all done! Don't forget you can exclude these sources again at any time.