Adding Turnitin to a Moodle Assignment

Turnitin enables seamless integration with Moodle. Once your administrator has configured Turnitin for your organization, you can use Turnitin as a part of your normal Moodle workflow using Moodle assignments.

Your administrator can set defaults that will apply to all assignments you create. One option they have is to automatically have Turnitin active.

  1. Create a Moodle Assignment as you usually would.
    1. If you've never created a Moodle assignment before, navigate to a course and select the Turn editing on button. Select the + Add an activity or resource link that appears.
    2. From the Activities list, choose Assignment.

  2. Set dates for the Allow Submissions From and Due Date settings. These dates act as the Start date and Due date for Turnitin too.
  3. From the list of collapsed optional settings, find Turnitin Integrity Plugin settings option.

  4. The first setting, Enable Turnitin, may already be enabled. Your administrator will determine its initial state when first creating the integration. If you want to use Turnitin with the assignment make sure it is ticked.
  5. (Optional) There are several other options within the Turnitin Integrity Plugin's settings that you can customize for each assignment. The defaults are set by your administrator. Feel free to change any that you need to!