Turnitin Draft Coach F.A.Qs

What is Turnitin Draft Coach?

Turnitin Draft Coach supports students in delivering high-quality academic writing, using text similarity checking to highlight the importance of research and correctly citing sources. Students can effortlessly run a report to check their Docs for similarity against our vast database. Any matches are individually highlighted and can be reviewed in the easy to navigate side panel.

How can my students access Turnitin Draft Coach?

Draft Coach needs to be configured as an integration by your institution’s Turnitin Administrator. Your administrator can contact your Account Manager at Turnitin to discuss adding the integration.

If the add-on has already been configured, students can use Draft Coach for their Google Docs by following these steps.

Is this different from Feedback Studio?

The add-on can be used alongside Feedback Studio, however, it is built on the Turnitin Platform which is a different Turnitin environment. For this reason, things may look new and the setup will also differ from what your administrators are used to.

Does Turnitin store the submissions?

When students use the Draft Coach add-on and run a Similarity Report, their Docs are not indexed in our global repository or your institution’s private repository if you have one.

As this is a drafting aid, it is encouraged that students submit their final draft to Turnitin using their existing submission option which may store their paper dependent on the assignment settings.

What repositories does it match against?

Similarity Reports will search your students’ Google Doc against our global student repository, journals and publications, your institution’s private repository, and a vast collection of archived and current internet pages.

Can I view my student’s Similarity Report using Turnitin Draft Coach?

Only the student that has run the report will be able to see their results. As Draft Coach is a tool for assisting your student’s writing process, we encourage that students submit their final draft to Turnitin using their existing submission option which instructors will be able to view.

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