Logging in

Below are some guidelines for logging in to the Administrator settings page. If you still need to set up your account or you've forgotten the link to your Administrator settings page, check out Setting up your account before starting on the steps below.


  1. First, find the unique link from Turnitin that takes you to your Administrator settings page. The first thing you'll see when you click the link is your login screen. See the note in the introduction above if you can't remember your link.
  2. The link will look something like [your institution].turnitin.com

  3. On the login screen, enter the username and password you use to get in to your Administrator settings page.

    If you need to, be sure to click the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links, which will email you instructions for updating your credentials. After 5 failed logins within an hour, you will be temporarily locked out for 5 minutes.

  4. Once you've entered your credentials, click the Sign In button to take you into the Administrator settings page.


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