Turnitin Draft Coach

Turnitin Draft Coach supports students in delivering high-quality academic writing, using text similarity checking to highlight the importance of research and correctly citing sources. Students can effortlessly run a report to check their drafts for similarity against our vast database. Any matches are individually highlighted and can be reviewed in the easy to navigate side panel.

We are continuing to develop drafting features to further enhance your student’s writing experience. To keep up to date on new additions, check out our product release notes.

Whether you use Turnitin Originality via our www.turnitin.com site or via your institution’s unique URL {yourschool’sdomain}.turnitin.com, you will be able to set up Draft Coach for your institution. If you are unsure whether you have a Turnitin Originality or Turnitin Feedback Studio with Originality license, contact your account representative and they will be able to let you know. If your institution uses or integrates with Turnitin Feedback Studio on the www.turnitin.com site, you will need to set up your admin area in the Turnitin Platform once you receive your account set up email.

Step 1 - Setting up in Turnitin

Creating an API scope and key

  1. From the administrator area, select the Integrations tab. In this area, you'll find all of the current integrations active on the account.
  2. To set up a new integration, select the Generate API Scope button in the top right.
  3. Name your integration and select Next.
  4. Name your API Key and select Create and View. Another modal will appear confirming the creation of your key.

Your API key is presented in the form of a ‘Secret’. This string of alphanumeric characters is unique to your institution. You will need this ‘Secret’ to finish setting up your integration in your LMS. You will not be able to access your ‘Secret’ again so please make a note of it now

Authenticating your domain

  1. Enter the following URL into your browser in a new tab to access the authentication page. Replace ‘your school’ in the example with your institution’s given subdomain.


  2. To authorize your institution’s domain, click Link Google Account’s Domain. Select your institution’s Google domain and enter your password if prompted to do so.

  3. You will be directed back to the initial page where you can enter your API Key which was created earlier in the Admin Console.

  4. Select Save.

Step 2 - Install Turnitin Draft Coach from the Google Workspace

Enable the add-on for your domain

  1. Log into your G-suite administrator account.
  2. As we are currently in the Beta stage, the Turnitin Draft Coach add-on is unlisted in the Google Workspace. To install the add-on, access the link below and select Install.

    Get Turnitin Draft Coach Add-on

  3. You’re done! Your students should now be able to add Turnitin Draft Coach to their Google Docs. If you would like to confirm that the installation was successful, you can use the add-on in a Google Doc of your own.

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