Using the thumbnail bar

The thumbnail bar gives you a quick overview of the pages in your assignment.

  1. The thumbnail bar can be accessed by clicking on the black tab in the left-hand corner of Turnitin Feedback Studio.
  2. By clicking on one of the thumbnails, this will jump to the relevant page within your paper.
  3. You can ‘lock’ or 'unlock' the thumbnail bar using the padlock icon in the top left-hand corner of the thumbnail bar; this will snap the paper to fit your current view.
  4. Locking the thumbnail bar will prevent you from being able to close it.

    To close the thumbnail bar, unlock it by clicking on the locked padlock icon, then click the black tab that was originally used to open it.
  5. When the thumbnail bar is closed, you can still find out the page number that you are currently viewing. Refer to the information in the grey toolbar at the bottom left-hand corner of Turnitin Feedback Studio. This will also let you know the word count for the paper, too.