Viewing a criterion assigned to a bubble or QuickMark comment

If your instructor has attached a rubric to your assignment, they may have assigned a rubric or grading form criterion to a bubble comment left on your paper. The bubble comment will generally be linked to the theme or topic of the rubric or grading form criterion.

Criterion can only be assigned to a bubble comment if a rubric or grading form is attached to the assignment, so don't be alarmed if your paper does not include this

  1. If a criterion has been assigned to one of your bubble comment, the bubble comment icon will be displayed with a rubric icon inside it. Click the icon to open the bubble comment and view the criterion attached to it.
  2. The criterion assigned to the bubble comment is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the bubble comment box.

    You can also view the bubble comments with assigned criterion in the rubric and grading form manager.