The discussion page overview

The discussion page lists all discussion topics for a class. From this page the user has a quick overview of all the discussions that are ongoing or previously active in the class.

  • Status: Displays if a topic is active or inactive. Active discussions still allow student posting. Inactive topics do not allow any posting to be made unless the instructor reactivates the topic.
  • Replies: Shows the total number of replies to a topic.
  • New: Shows how many replies, if any, have been posted since the student user last viewed the discussion topic
  • Pending: If the class instructor has selected a moderator for a topic, the pending column shows how many replies need to be moderated.
  • Last reply: Shows when the last reply was posted in a topic.
  • Moderator: Displays the moderator for the topic, if any. If no moderator has been selected, none is displayed in this column.

The pull down menu on the discussion page lets the user choose to view all topics, active topics, pending topics, or inactive topics. By default the view is set to all topics.