Moderating discussions

An instructor may select to appoint a moderator for a discussion, or may moderate the discussion themselves. The role of the moderator is to approve any and all replies made on a discussion board. Typically, this approval is used to ensure that only acceptable content is posted, that the discussion stays on topic, and that no inappropriate language is used.

If the instructor sets a student user as the discussion moderator, an e-mail is sent to notify the student of this assignment. As moderator, the student user is responsible for approving pending replies. An indicator of the number of pending replies in each discussion topic that the user is moderating is visible from the discussion board main page. If a discussion topic has pending replies, these can be viewed by clicking the discussion topic title. Pending replies will be listed at the top of the discussion.

  1. To edit a reply before approving it, click the edit button below the pending reply. Replies can also be edited after being approved.

  2. Edit the reply for content if necessary.

  3. To approve a reply, click the approve button below the pending reply. The pending reply will be shown.
  4. Use the approve? pull down menu at the top and select yes to approve and post the reply, or select no to reject the reply. A reply can also be edited at this time before approving.
  5. After selecting from the approve? pull down menu yes or no, click on the submit reply to topic button to approve the reply or delete it.

  6. If the reply was approved it will be posted to the discussion. If the reply was rejected, the moderator is prompted to delete the reply or save it for later.

  7. The moderator can also delete a reply or a pending reply by clicking on the delete button below the reply.
  8. A prompt will appear. To delete the reply click ok.

    If a reply is deleted that has replies that have been made to it, all replies made to the deleted reply will also be deleted.

    Once the reply has been approved it will be assigned a number and added into the discussion thread.