Discussion board view types

The discussion boards feature two main viewing styles - a flat view and a threaded view. These views use one basic structure but differ in other ways.

Flat view

The default discussion board view is the flat view. This view shows responses flat in thread order, like the example above. 

With the flat view, users can view responses with or without threads. By default, the thread is shown.

For example, the following is posted:

I agree with this topic

and the student user replies with: 

 Why do you agree with this topic?

The posting order will show up as: 

I agree with this topic.

Why do you agree with this topic?

The flat view with nested threads is the default viewing method. To view only responses and see no referenced thread, use the show replies as pull down menu to select flat view with no thread on the discussion page.


Threaded view

The second primary view type is the threaded view. To use the threaded view, use the show replies as pull down menu and select threaded view.

When viewing a discussion using the threaded view, only the top response of each thread is shown. For example, if the discussion has this structure:

1. First response to topic

1.1 Response to reply 1

2. Second response to topic

2.1 First response to 2

2.2 Second response to 2

the threaded view will appear as:

 1. First response to topic
 2. Second response to topic

Additional replies will be accessible by clicking on the replies link for the selected response. The user can drill further down, opening additional layers of the thread, by following the reply links. 

To go back up a level, the user can click on the thread title. This will return the view to the level that was clicked.