Grade book preferences

The preferences page allows an instructor to control the format in which the grades in the class are displayed. The available grade display options are letter, point, scale, or custom. This area also allows instructors to customize the percentage values that equate to any given grade, for example: A = 92-100%, C+ = 78-79%.

To open the grade book preferences page, click the prefs button.

From the preferences page the instructor can select and customize how grades are displayed and the percentage value used to determine the grades. The instructor can choose to display grades as a percentage, a letter grade, or using a 4.0 scale.

If using a different grading system, the instructor can create their own grading format by selecting other and entering the percentage breakdowns and grades desired for the class.

When creating a customized grading scale, be certain that all possible ranges of percentage are accounted for. If there are any gaps, an error message will be generated.

Once a format has been selected for the grades, determine the breakdown that should be used for each grade. If the instructor would like to import the values from another class, use the pull down menu to select the class. When the modifications are completed, click on submit to return to the grade book.