Exporting the online grading report

You can download an .xls version of the statistics contained within the online grading report for use with the spreadsheet software of your choice. The download will only contain the statistics from the current view. For example if you have the 'detailed' view of the Composition QuickMark set open the .xls file will only contain the usage statistics for that set. To download all statistics would require visiting each page individually

  1. From the Assignment Inbox select Online Grading Report.
  2. You'll be taken to the Online Grading Report. Here you will find an overview of the number of marks used for each QuickMark set for each submission in the assignment. If a student hasn't submitted to the assignment yet you will see a grey apple icon.

  3. Navigate to the view that you would like to download the statistics for. For example if you would like to download the usage statistics for the Composition QuickMark set click on the details link beneath that set.

  4. Select the Export Report button.
  5. A download will begin of the current view of the online grading report. This download will be in the .xls format. You can open this in any spreadsheet software.