Elements of the grade book

  • attendance - instructors can check a box indicating an absence or late arrival for a student on a specific date
  • add entry - create a new entry on Turnitin for an assignment not created in Turnitin
  • prefs - instructors may set the specific grading format for a course
  • key - opens an informative pop-up window that displays the meaning of all information on the grade book page
  • graphs - statistical graphs that can be used to display student and class performance
  • scale - used by an instructor to weigh the value of assignments as part of the possible total number of points in the class
  • export - download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version of the current grade book
  • grade - access to the grading page for a specific assignment
  • assignment name - click on an assignment name to access further information about this assignment and the grades given in the assignment as well as statistics.