Adding an entry to the grade book

Assignments that have been added to Turnitin such as paper assignments, peer reviews, and revision assignments are automatically assigned a grade book entry. Any additional entries, such as in-class exams or presentations, must be added manually by the instructor.

This allows instructors to track and save grades in a single location through Turnitin and automatically return this information to the students on the post dates for the assignments that have been graded.

  1. Click the add entry button.

  2. On the add entry page, fill in:
    • an entry name
    • a point value for the entry
    • (optional) additional information for the entry

  3. (Optional) To group the new entry with an existing assignment, use the pull down menu to select the assignment. Grouping an assignment places the entry in the grade book as a subset of the assignment selected.

  4. Click submit to save the entry and add the entry to the grade book.