Roster sync FAQ

Roster Sync allows your institution to take control of the user and class management for your Turnitin account by linking it to a student information system. To ensure your data remains up to date and doesn't conflict with other edits, some features may not be available from within the Turnitin interface.

How should I log in?

  1. If your institution is using a single-sign-on solution with Turnitin, such as Google sign-on or Shibboleth, you can get started with Turnitin straight away. Simply log in as you usually would.
  2. If you already have a Turnitin account, use the log in details you have used previously to continue using Turnitin.
  3. If you are a new user of Turnitin, complete the simple account setup to get started! As a part of this setup, you'll need the email address sent to us from the linked student information system and your family name.

    Account setup

    Account setup

    If you encounter any problems, first check you are using the correct account setup link for your location. You should also check if your name has been spelled correctly within your student information system.

I've dropped a student from my class. What happens next?

If a student is removed from your class, we will update the class enrollment in Turnitin the next time we receive an update from your student information system. This may happen overnight depending on how frequently you send us updates.

You can still view the submissions of students that have been dropped for use in any related academic misconduct investigation. If you later re-add the student, they will automatically regain access to their submissions.

What if a student moves to a new class?

If a student is moved from one class to another, we do not transfer the submissions between the two. The student will no longer have to access the previous class, but the instructor of the class can still access any submissions made to it.

What am I unable to update when using roster sync?

To ensure that the student information system can be relied on to be the single source of truth for your user and class management, some Turnitin features will be deactivated for your account when using Roster Sync.

Linking your student information system to Turnitin takes care of:

  • Class titles
  • The class start and end dates
  • Class and user removal
  • Changes to any enrollments (dropping students from the class, adding multiple instructors to a class etc)

The following functionality is deactivated in Turnitin for rostered classes:

Can I still create my own classes or add my own users?

Yes! Roster Sync makes it easier to have centralized management of your classes and users. You can still use the Turnitin interface to create classes and users, but this data will not sync back to your student information system.