Archiving QuickMarks

Archiving a QuickMark will remove it from all the QuickMark sets and assignments in which it currently resides. The QuickMark archive can be revisited at any time to restore a QuickMark, avoiding any accidental, permanent deletions.

  1. Access the QuickMark Manager from the in-context marking tool or QuickMarks side panel.
  2. Ensure the QuickMark set from which you would like to archive a QuickMark from is selected. To navigate to another set, click the hamburger menu icon in the top, left-hand corner of the modal.

  3. Click on the name of a QuickMark set.

  4. Click on the QuickMark(s) that you would like to archive. Hold the Ctrl key (Cmd on Mac) to select multiple marks. Selected marks will change to blue.

  5. Click the Archive button in the bottom center of the QuickMark manager to archive your selected QuickMark(s).

    Archiving a QuickMark will remove it from all sets in the QuickMark Manager.

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