Multiple-file upload on behalf of a student

The multiple file upload submission option allows you to upload multiple files simultaneously.

  1. On the class homepage, click on the More actions link next to the Paper assignment that you would like to submit to and select Submit paper.

  2. Select Multiple File Upload from the Submit: drop down menu. Single file upload is the default submission type.

  3. Click on Choose File and locate the file from your computer to attach to the File Submission Preview list.

    Each file must be less than 100 MB.

    If your file contains images, you may remove the images or save the file as a rich text or plain text file to make the file smaller. If your file is a PDF and exceeds the 100 MB restriction: (1) copy the text in the document, (2) change the upload process to 'copy and paste', and (3) paste the text in the body field.

    • The maximum paper length for each file is 800 pages
    • All file types are allowed and can receive marks in Online Grading and PeerMark. However, Turnitin will only generate Similarity Reports for the following file types: Microsoft Word; PowerPoint; WordPerfect; PostScript; PDF; HTML; RTF; OpenOffice (ODT); Hangul (HWP); Google Docs; Slides; and Sheets (submitted via the Google Drive submission option); and plain text files with at least 20 words of text will be eligible to receive Similarity Reports.
    1. Once your first file has been successfully uploaded, the file will appear within the File Submission Preview list. Select an enrolled student name using the dropdown menu on the submission page. Papers submitted by an instructor on behalf of a student will appear in the student portfolio.

    2. Once your first file has been successfully uploaded, the file will appear within the File Submission Preview list.
  5. Enter the title for the paper. If no paper title is entered, the title defaults to the file name for the submitted file

    Repeat steps 3 - 6 for each paper being submitted as part of the upload

    1. When all the desired files are attached, review the student names and assignment titles.
    2. Files can be excluded from the upload by removing the check from the check box to the left of the file name under the Submit column.

    1. Click Upload All to upload the files
    2. You can remove all uploaded files from the File Submission Preview list by clicking on the Delete all link located below the list to the right. A dialog box will ask you to confirm the deletion. This will clear the list and allow you to restart the upload process.

  6. On the accepted files page, please review the files to be uploaded.
  7. Click the Submit button to submit all uploaded files to Turnitin, or click Go back to make changes to the multiple file upload.