Feedback Studio Instructor

The features and functionality available to you are based on the license purchased by your institution. Consult your administrator for more information.

Instructors using Turnitin Feedback Studio are the architects at the heart submission process. They help to create classes and set assignments for students to submit to. They choose settings for assignments that will tailor the Similarity Report to better suit learning objectives, and use the simple Feedback Studio interface to provide feedback on student submissions.

Assignment and class management

Account basicsStudent management | Classes and master classes | Assignment management
Making a submission on behalf of a student 

Grading and feedback

The Similarity ReportFeedback Studio navigation | QuickMarks and other commenting tools
E-rater | Rubric scorecards and grading formsPeerMark | The class calendar

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Assignment and class management

Account basics

Joining an Account as an Instructor Joining an account as a TA
Logging In Logging in via Google SSO
Trouble logging in? Resetting your password
Resetting your password Changing your personal and security information
Changing you user account settings Changing user types
Messages and announcements  

Student management

Accessing the student page Enrolling students individually
Enrolling students from a list Allowing students to self enroll
Enabling anonymous marking Identifying an anonymous student
Viewing the class portfolio Removing students
Locking and unlocking students Emailing students
Email Non-Submitters Resending student welcome emails

Classes and master classes

Creating a class Expiring a class
Expiring a class Viewing expired classes
Reactivating an expired class Class usage statistics
Changing preferences Converting a standard class to a master class

Creating a master class Creating new master class sections
Managing a master class Enrolling students in a master class
Creating assignments in a master class Adding assignments to sections
Viewing the grade book for a master class Viewing the calendar for a master class
Viewing all master class assignments Reverting a master class into a standard class

Assignment management

Creating a Paper Assignment
Creating a Revision Assignment Creating a PeerMark assignment
Advanced Online grading settings Advanced Similarity Report settings
Elements of the assignment inbox Organizing the assignment inbox
File types displayed in the Turnitin Viewer Grading without a submission
The assignments library Importing assignments
Moving papers between assignments Enable anonymous marking
Viewing papers Viewing late submissions
Viewing submission information  

Making a submission on behalf of a student

Single-file upload on behalf of a student Multiple-file upload on behalf of a student
Zip-file upload on behalf of a student Cut-and-paste submissions
File requirements Locating your digital receipts
Activating quick submit Accessing Similarity Reports via quick submit
Submitting via quick submit  

Grading and feedback

 The Similarity Report

Accessing the Similarity Report Accessing the text-only Similarity Report
Downloading the Similarity Report Interpreting the Similarity Report
Generating a new Similarity Report Managing paper view requests
Multicolor highlighting in the Similarity Report Refining the Similarity Report
Similarity Score ranges Similarity scoring scenarios
The Similarity Report explained Using Translated Matching
Viewing similarity matches Viewing sources

Excluding quotes and bibliographic material Bibliography and quote exclusion definitions
Excluding sources Viewing excluded sources
Bibliography and quote exclusion definitions  

 Feedback Studio navigation

Accessibility Moving between papers
Using layers Using thumbnails

 QuickMarks and other commenting tools

Accessing the QuickMark manager Adding QuickMarks to a paper
Adding comments and strikethroughs
Adding text summary comments
Creating new QuickMarks Creating new QuickMark sets
Deleting QuickMarks from a paper Deleting comments and strikethroughs
Editing QuickMarks Assigning criteria to comments
Adding QuickMarks to an exisiting set
Searching for QuickMarks Uploading QuickMark sets
Uploading QuickMark sets Downloading QuickMark sets
Hiding and filtering QuickMark sets


Viewing e-rater feedback Viewing the writer's handbook
When is e-rater feedback released to students? Hiding e-rater feedback categories
Dismissing and revealing e-rater marks Adding comments to e-rater marks

 Rubric scorecards and grading forms

Attaching a rubric scorecard to an assignment Attaching a grading form to an assignment
Assigning criteria to bubble comments Creating a standard rubric scorecard
Creating a grading form Duplicating a rubric scorecard
Duplicating a grading form Modifying a rubric scorecard
Modifying a grading form Types of Rubrics scorecard
Uploading a rubric scorecard Uploading a grading form
Grading in the rubric side-panel Grading in the grading form side-panel
Grading in the expanded rubric manager Grading in the expanded grading form manager
Downloading rubric scorecards Downloading a grading form


Creating a PeerMark assignment About PeerMark™ assignments
Viewing peer review information Editing and deleting PeerMark questions
Reordering PeerMark questions Editing review guides and overall grades
Grading peer reviews Reading peer reviews
Printing peer reviews Using the PeerMark tools palette
Writing a peer review Writing a review for a selected paper
Adding bubble comments to a review Adding composition marks to a review
Adding inline comments to a review  

The class calendar

Accessing the class calendar Adding announcements
Adding class notes Adding holidays
Uploading a syllabus Viewing assignment dates
Viewing the calendar in list mode