Copying a class

Turnitin allows instructors to easily copy classes for reuse in another semester or year. When a class is copied the instructor is prompted to enter a new class name, enrollment key, and the start date for the first assignment in the class. The remaining assignment and discussion dates for the class will automatically be set based on the start date you set for this assignment.

You can only copy primary classes. You are unable to copy a master class.

  1. Click on the class copy icon to the right of the class name.

  2. On the next screen, edit the following information:
    • Class name
    • enrollment key
  3. Select the start date and time for the first assignment for the class.
  4. Click Save to copy the class or Cancel to abort the process.
  5. You will then be directed to the copied class' page, where you can review the dates for the assignments in the copied class. Edit any assignment dates by clicking on the More actions link to the right of the assignment, and then select Edit settings from the dropdown menu.